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Divorce Mediation

The following articles were all written for Cynthia Fox's weekly column in the Suburban Journals.

Divorcing Couples Can Save A Lot Of Money With Mediation

Divorce mediation saves a lot of money versus the traditional approach to divorce where each spouse is represented by an attorney. The main reason is that in mediation the "parties" negotiate directly with each other, rather than through their lawyers. Using an experienced attorney that is also a court-approved mediator offers several advantages versus working with someone trained only in mediation.     read more

Mediating A Custody Crisis Can Be Better Than Going Back To Court

Family Crisis Mediation is often the most cost-efficient and least destructive way to resolve a deadlock over a custody schedule when both the divorced parents and their children are all at odds. Depending on the age of the children, involving them in the mediation can be important to insuring that the end agreement is one that all the constituents buy into.     read more

Mediating a Divorce Sometimes Leads To Saving a Marriage

Read about "Barbara and Howard" and how Howard decided to save his marriage after learning at mediation that his employment pension and 401K plan, all earned during the marraiage, would have to be divided with his wife in a divorce.      read more

Divorce Mediation Shows Couple How Well They Can Work Together

"Arlene and George", in the early 40s, successfully mediated the dissolution of their marriage, but then decided to throw all their good work away, so they could stay married to each other. Although a very unusual outcome, divorce mediation taught them how to work together to productively resolve issues and conflicts. In the end, they told me not to bother preparing the final settlement agreement and other documents that were to memorialize the terms of their divorce.     read more