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8 Steps to a Fair and Constructive Divorce

  1. Identify and safeguard the assets so they cannot be wasted.
  2. Obtain counseling to keep yourself grounded during this difficult time.
  3. When children are involved it is impossible to be "totally" divorced from the other parent. Consider how you want the future to be when you are interacting with him/her about your child.
  4. Let the Golden Rule guide your behavior.
  5. Remember that the longer it takes to resolve the issues between you and your spouse, the more costly and painful it is likely to be, and with less remaining for the two of you to divide. Decide as early as you can what you believe would be an appropriate settlement ... identify your own personal bottom line ... and then work toward accomplishing the goals most important to you.
  6. Make a list of these goals and check off your progress as you go forward.
  7. Always remember that the "grand prize" is the chance to get on with your life ... happily, productively ... and with your emotional and financial resources intact. Avoid seeing the divorce as the "last battle" or as a chance to "get even". Instead, see it as the first step to moving on.
  8. Choose the attorney whose skills best reflects your expectations about the type of divorce you want.