Fox Family Lawyers
Cynthia Moseley Fox
Attorney at Law
7751 Carondelet Avenue,
Suite 700
Clayton, Missouri 63105
(St. Louis)

About Cynthia Fox…

Cynthia’s Professional Life…

  • Cynthia has practiced law since the tender age of 23 years
  • Although she is licensed to practice law in the entire state of Missouri, Cindy loathes driving and will only take cases in St Louis County and City, and in St Charles and Jefferson Counties
  • Cynthia pioneered a new and better approach to divorce law, called the ConstructiveDivorce® and it emphasizes reducing the financial and emotional costs of going through a divorce.
  • Cindy graduated from the nationally acclaimed Washington University School of Law
  • Cindy was co-chairperson for 2 years of the Family & Juvenile Law Committee of the Bar Association of
    Metropolitan St Louis
  • Former clients refer cases to Cynthia
  • And, so do their former spouses
  • Many other attorneys refer cases to Cynthia
  • Marriage counselors refer cases to Cynthia
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists refer cases to Cynthia
  • Clergy and Physicians refer cases to Cynthia

Cynthia’s Personal Life…

  • Cynthia is a mom
  • Cynthia is married
  • Cynthia adopted a child during her first marriage (Yes, she is divorced)
  • Cynthia loves to cook
  • Cynthia thrives on jogging
  • Cynthia plays with her cat, Jessie, every day
  • Music is her “comfort food”, Cynthia sang in her church choirs for many years, and studied piano, violin and voice
  • In her next life, Cynthia wants to come back as Lucy Ricardo