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What Should I Consider When Contemplating a Divorce?

  1. If there are a few issues responsible for the biggest problems in your marriage, consider Family Mediation to help you resolve those issues, making a divorce unnecessary.
  2. Assess whether you would benefit from the assistance of clergy or a counselor to smooth over the difficult transitions and emotional times.
  3. If violence is prevalent, consider making arrangements for a temporary place to live - "just in case" that should become necessary for your safety.(See Shelters for Domestic Violence Victims)
  4. Be careful about signing documents presented to you by your spouse.  Consider seeing a lawyer before you sign anything, and tell the lawyer that your marriage is in trouble.
  5. Make sure you have a bank account and credit card in your sole name.
  6. If you have health insurance through your spouse, obtain all check ups, surgical procedures, and fill your prescriptions while you still have the insurance coverage, as it will likely terminate after the divorce.

Assess what your financial needs will be after the divorce, and the financial needs of your spouse, and whether those can be achieved without the financial contribution of the other spouse. Consult with an attorney about the level of spousal support and child support you might receive, or the level that you might be expected to pay.