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About ConstructiveDivorce®

In far too many divorces, alienated spouses raw with anger have approached their divorce case as a chance to "get even" and to "screw their husband or wife to the wall". Unfortunately, their lawyers have been all too happy to oblige with a highly adversarial approach characterized by endless stonewalling, a blizzard of motions, subpoenas, etc., and brinksmanship instead of negotiation. The result is predictable: a drawn out and contentious process that embitters the combatants while exhausting their emotional and financial resources. But, of course, the lawyers end up well paid.

Cynthia Fox is a survivor of such a divorce and is also a certified mediator, trained to assist in productive conflict resolution. Her experiences led her to pioneer a new approach to divorce representation. Cynthia helps clients focus on the future and rebuild their lives rather than trying to get even for the past.  This approach is called the ConstructiveDivorce® and it is designed to lower the emotional and financial costs of a divorce while assuring that clients move on to the next phase of their lives with forward momentum, at peace with the outcome, and an adequately resourced plan for their future.

Even though Cynthia Fox received her initial legal experience as an assistant prosecuting attorney for St. Louis County, she has come to realize that a constructive approach is best: End the fighting and focus on the future! Cynthia Fox works hard to give her clients ownership and control over their cases ... "Ownership and the feeling of control it provides helps clients get past the fear and uncertainty. Owning and accepting the divorce is often the first step in preparing for life after divorce."

"Clients are in a very vulnerable position ... it takes very little to get them to engage in additional fighting. My responsibility is to work for an outcome which is fair to my client without making the situation worse."

The choice of attorney is critical: empathetic to understand the pain, and efficacious to assure a knowledgeable and skillful representation. That is what you get with Cynthia Fox.

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