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Marital Crossroads Consultations

When a marriage is in crisis, there is no benefit to escalating the anger. The price paid by both you and your children –emotionally, psychologically, and even financially –is just too high.

Given a choice, most people prefer fair and peaceful resolutions to the problems in their marriages. They just don’t know where to start.

You don’t have to choose divorce to end the fighting. Lower the volume now, so you can decide objectively what to do and where to go from here. Exploring our web site can help. Listed below are links to pages that identify ways to reduce the conflict and begin the healing –whether your life continues together, or apart.

How to Stop Fighting & Assess If You Can Save Your Marriage
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8 Steps to a Fair and Constructive Divorce
What To Consider When Contemplating Divorce
What To Look For in a Divorce Lawyer

We Can Help You Move Forward Whether You Choose To End Your Marriage or Stay Together
The crossroads you’ve reached offers both an exit from the marriage and a direction for getting things back together. Cynthia Fox has assisted many at this critical juncture, identifying what he or she needs to do to prepare for the possibility of divorce, while also helping them assess the consequences of ending their marriage versus trying to save it.

And, while it is typical that just one party usually seeks these consultations, Cynthia’s vast experience in mediating divorces and other family law issues (See About Divorce Mediation, See Family Law Issues Mediation), provides her the perspective and skill to help couples explore their alternatives and prepare for the possibility of ending their marriage. Interested couples need to know that once Cynthia meets with them jointly, she is disqualified from representing either of them individually. However, she can continue to meet with them as a couple should they choose to dissolve their marriage through divorce mediation.

Taking the Right First Steps
The information available on this web site and “Marital Crossroads Consultations” were all developed by Cynthia Fox based on more than 25 years of experience. They provide the tools for moving forward objectively, safely and constructively. From ending the fighting, to maintaining family stability during the crisis, to deciding whether divorce is the best resolution –these are the right first steps.