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How Do I Reduce the Emotional And Financial Costs of A Divorce?

Getting Divorced Costs Too Much, Takes Too Long

Divorce and child custody cases are difficult, painful and frustrating. Divorce is usually very stressful ... it hurts, frightens, enrages and intimidates. Ultimately, it can exhaust everybody involved. Often, the divorce becomes the "last battle" between two people who have lost the ability to resolve their conflicts. The result is a divorce that takes too long and costs too much - in tears and dollars.

Divorce does not have to devastate the parties and their children. A new approach has been pioneered by Cynthia Fox - The ConstructiveDivorce® - that focuses on the future rather than the past. It emphasizes "coming out whole" rather than "getting even".

The ConstructiveDivorce® - How it Compares, How It Works

"The Old Way"


"The ConstructiveDivorce®"

1. Keep The Parties Fighting
  • Some lawyers advise:
    - "Get all you can"
    - Every issue, no matter how trival, is fiercely contested
  • The parties pepper each other endlessly with motions, orders, subpoenas, depositions, etc.
  • The Family Court is kept "out of the loop", unable to help couples settle their cases.
  • The result is a divorce where the anger never ends, distrust and resentment build, and both parties emerge deeply wounded and financially drained.
  1. Focus On The Future
  • "Keep your eye on the prize," says Cynthia Fox, "... it's an end to the fighting, a fresh start and a chance to get on with your life."
  • Identify and prioritize issues, deciding what is worth fighting for and at what cost.
  • "Legitimate needs and rights are never compromised, but I work hard to keep from getting bogged down with trivial and acrimonious pursuits that only prolong the dispute and run up the bill."
  • "Take advantage of the Family Court's attitude to get speedier hearings, faster resolutions."
2. Clients Are Left In The Dark
  • Many lawyers try to protect their divorce clients from further trauma by effectively taking over the decision-making.
  • When the lawyer begins making the decisions, rather than laying out options, the client loses control of their divorce and its cost.
  2. Ownership & Open Decision-Making
  • Cynthia Fox works hard to help her clients take ownership of their cases...
    "Ownership, and the feeling of control it provides, helps clients get past the fear and uncertainty. It is the first step to getting on with their lives."
  • Ownership comes through open decision-making ...
    - Issues are carefully explained.
    - Action choices are presented with the costs, benefits, and risks identified.
    - The final decision remains within the client's control.
3. The True Costs Are Kept Hidden
  • Some Lawyers are reluctant to identify their on-going fees as the case progresses, fearing that it will add to their client's distress and lessen their resolve.
  • After the initial retainer, sometimes the next bill for fees is the final one, after the case concludes.
  • The client is totally unprepared for how much they then owe.
  3. Fees Are Identified In Advance
  • Clients make informed choices so they can apply their resources against the issues most important to them.
  • "My approach to billing insures that clients can control their costs, before they are incurred."
  • Cynthia Fox's fee system ...
    - Reasonable, competitive fees
    - Costs are monitored continuously and communicated to the client.
    - Retainers are kept current