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How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

The single most important consideration in hiring a lawyer to represent you in a divorce is how you feel about the prospect of working closely with this person. Admittedly, it is difficult to make a complete assessment of anyone in just a 30-minute initial consultation, but you should trust your “gut reactions” to the prospective attorney and what happens in that first meeting.

Do you like this person? Do you trust that what this person is telling you is the truth and not just what he/she thinks you want to hear? Do you believe that this person is really listening and hearing what you say is important to you, zeroing in and asking questions, and not simply giving you their “canned” new client presentation?

Next, are you confident in the expertise and competence of this person? How much experience do they have in handling cases similar to yours? Is this person well-respected in their field of specialization? Do you trust that this person will take the time to research any new or unusual issues, should they come up, or do they give the impression that they “know it all” or that your case is no different than anyone else’s? In the final analysis, you should be completely confident that you can trust this person and the advice that she/he provides.

Is this person’s style compatible with yours and with how you want to be represented? Are you looking for a “peace disturber” or a problem-solver? We are determined, knowledgeable advocates for our clients…stout, resolute and professional when confronting obstacles. We have proven time and time again that positives outcomes and equitable solutions are more readily obtained through expert counsel applied with careful preparation, rather than by contentiousness and bullying.

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