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About Family Mediation

In 25 years of practicing family law, hundreds have come to Cynthia Fox in great pain, yet uncertain, about divorce--certainly many more than the number who come in confident that divorce is the answer. To respond, she has developed a special area of practice-Marital Crossroads Consultations.

More lately, with her training as a Certified Mediator, she has begun exploring how these techniques can be used by couples to productively identify and resolve marital issues. Cynthia believes professional mediation can help couples avoid divorce by providing them a structured and cooperative way to resolve on-going marital conflicts. In addition, by participating in mediation, these couples will be exposed to conflict-resolution and negotiation techniques that they can reemploy for positive outcomes for the rest of their lives.

Of course, these approaches should not substitute for therapy or marital counseling, nor do they automatically lead to saving a marriage. Instead, they are short-term and focused intervention techniques that provide a positive starting point for moving forward.