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Constructive Divorce

The following articles were all written for Cynthia Fox's weekly column in the Suburban Journals.

“Bad” Spouses Are Rarely Punished. Getting On With Your Life Is The Prize in Most Divorces.

Trying to "punish" your spouse during the divorce for all the ills of your married life can be time-consuming, expensive and emotionally exhausting, but rarely worth the price you'll pay. Family Court judges have "heard it all" and unlikely to extract a significant price upon the misbehaving spouse. With rare exceptions, most property splits are still 50/50.     read more

Getting On With Your Life, And Sleeping More Soundly, With The “ConstructiveDivorce”

Many of my clients' divorces were keeping me awake at night when I finally realized that my billing practices were "enabling" them to keep on fighting about the past when they should have been focused on the future. Thus, the ConstructiveDivorce was born. It is a new way of handling divorce cases that's designed to help my clients on to the next stage of their lives with their financial and emotional resources intact.     read more

Can Divorce Actually Be Constructive?

The extra legal fees incurred by clients that "go for the throat" (their spouse's) in a divorce are rarely "paid back" by a meaningful change favoring them in the outcome. Making sure my clients know the probable cost-benefit ratio of their decisions is just one tenet of my unique approach to divorce, called the ConstructiveDivorce. Read this article to learn more about the ConstructiveDivorce.     read more

How To Reduce The Trauma and the Expense of a Divorce

Learn how you can lower the "volume", nastiness, and cost of a divorce through our pioneering approach called the ConstructiveDivorce.     read more

Making An Early Settlement Offer Key To Reducing The Timeline & Cost of Divorce

Knowing your own "bottom line" about what you would need to settle your divorce case can be the key to moving onto the next stage of your life with your finances and emotions preserved, and at the earliest opportunity as well.     read more

Divorce Presents Many With The Opportunity For Fresh Start

Cynthia Fox writes about how divorce, and more specifically the ConstructiveDivorce, is an opportunity for each of her clients to lay the foundation for the next stage of their lives. Read some case histories that describe how past clients have restructured their large ways and small...after divorce.     read more

Divorce Cases Should Be Set Early and Automatically To Speed Up The Process

Divorce cases linger on far longer than they should often because one or both of the lawyers involved delay preparing their cases until the judge sets it for trial. Yet, judges often refuse to set a case for trial until they have exhausted the possibility of a settlement. However, most lawyers won't negotiate a settlement until they've worked up their case. How should the court break up this logjam? Read the article to learn more.     read more